Trimmer Technology

Trimmer-Tech – a new world of cold application system!

Our Trimmer-Tech Patent has developed and manufactured in Italy.

With a new method of extremely accurate cold application system can apply any amount of hair - easy, fast and invisible!

stainless steel Trimmer patented mechanism.

transparent, extremely thin SGA & H2O applications.

Trimmer-Tech Fusion

Made especially for hair cold system.

transparent, extremely elastic and resistant.

recommended product for thin or fragile hair.


Rates of polymerization: 1 second

duration: * Minimum 3 months / filler packaging: 2ml 

Contents of the Trimmer-Tech kit:

Trimmer Gun

6 Fusion filler set (No. of applications: usually needs 2 fillers / full head)

Bracelet for special paper

Special paper pack (200pcs)

Cleaner for Fusion 10ml

1pack protective spaces

Training DVD

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